The Aim of This Blog


The Aim of This Blog will be to discuss and elaborate the philosophy of The HanuHanu Gita – so that its crazy, cosmic, profound humour becomes relevant in our everyday lives…

I want to bring its ´wisdom humour´ down from the realm of Giant Orange Monkeys, and Elite Stealth Advanced-Ops Taoist Roosters, and the Banquets of the Gods – down to the realities we live in, down to the somewhat constricted consciousness we tend to live in (don´t we?).

I want to discuss its philosophy in very personal terms – so that it can REALLY HELP on the Path of Becoming Truly Honest with ourselves, here in the magic and beauty and horror of The Great Unknown!

But I am waiting for you to read the HanuHanu Gita, and then write to me (either via the ´contact´ form, or in a comment on this post) – so that my blogging is real…



Where I Stand & What I Am Up To

I believe that global human culture is moving towards ever-greater digitalisation, centralisation and control. I believe that the fascisms of the past will stand in awe of the One Great Fascism to Come, if it is to come… (And to be more accurate, I believe it´s not ´fascist´ in the political sense of the word – no more right than left, no more fascist than communist – equally a Great Global Technocratic Concentration Camp, and a Global Technocratic Gulag).

And I situate myself within that part of The Resistance that doesn´t necessarily keep up to date with the latest horrors, but which is moved by the urgent yet longterm vision of co-creating a decentralised, community-based, nature-embedded, conscious culture.

Which is why I have two Telegram Channels – ´Soul Tribes´ and ´Tribus del Alma´, which offer literature, courses and conferences to help people set up their own, local, conscious tribes.
You can find me here: (English) and here (Spanish)

And I also have a website where you can find my latest articles (I´ve posted two this month), and my collection of short stories ´Parallel Plandemics – short stories from The Annals of Parallel Earths´. I call this my Activist Art – writing that laughs in the face of the would-be One Great Fascism to Come.
The site´s
The book´s available for free download in both English and Spanish.


For now…

As Henry David Thoreau (Conspiracy Theory Expert) points out on the ´About´ page of this site, “we are faced with an emerging S.T.G.D. (Sociopathic Technocratic Global Dictatorship). Many of us say “no!”, and many of us say we want to create a conscious, connected, alternative culture. But only those of us who become conscious and connected will be able to co-create a conscious and connected new culture.” An incontrovertible logic, I would say!

Which brings me back to The Aim of this Blog – to tease out the simple, beautiful, powerful vision woven into the HanuHanu Gita in ways that help us become more conscious and connected in our everyday lives – above all: in how we relate to each other. is the foundation of all of my ´work´. In the HanuHanu Gita I go further into what it means to relate consciously than I do even in the literature I have written for the Soul Tribes project. It´s full of weirdness and wonder, and yet it explains “conscious relating” from all sorts of angles, like

– The importance of Staying in One´s Own Unique Experience
– Equality not as a Theory, but as a Lived Experience
– Experiencing Not Knowing, and
– Opening to The Bliss of Belonging
But if ever such deep waters were made easy to swim in – it´s in the HanuHanu Gita!


So please do read the HanuHanu Gita!
If you´re not a big reader, there are quite a few ´stand alone´ short stories, like
– Chapter 6: Peace by T-Shirts (3 pages)
– Chapter 16: The Liberation of The Chickens (6 pages)
– Chapter 24: The Great City Dig-Up (4 pages)
– Chapter 31: Ecstatic Shock Therapy (9 pages)
– Chapter 32: The Trojan Banana Spa Resorts (6 pages)
– Chapter 38: The Giraffe Whisperers´ Fear (4 pages), and
– Chapter 41: The Courtship and Marriage of The Great Bolderdash and The Great Oak Mother (4 pages)
And, actually, quite a few more…

And, of course, each of HanuHanu´s Lectures can be read alone:
– Lecture 1: Human Superiority (chapter 7)
– Lecture 2: How To Become An Animal Again (chapter 12)
– Lecture 3: Not Knowing (chapter 21)
– Lecture 4: The Bliss of Belonging (chapter 27)
– Lecture 5: Not For What, nor Whether, nor How – but As Whom (chapter 37)

So please do read – and please do write to me!
Please say hello, please share what you felt while reading the HanuHanu Gita, please ask me questions, please ask for help, please doubt me, and please engage with this bold claim: that the HanuHanu Gita articulates the philosophy (or ´existential outlook´) of the decentralised, community-based, nature-embedded, conscious culture so many of us seek to co-create.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With love and respect,

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