Not A Blog – Yet.

As you can see, I haven´t developed this blog! 
Perhaps I will in the future  – that´s why I haven´t deleted it – but at the moment I´m focussed on my two Telegram Channels, and my Website.


I have two Telegram Channels, one in English, one in Spanish: ´Conscious Tribes´ and ´Tribus Conscientes´. 
Both offer literature, courses and conferences to help people set up their own, local, conscious tribes.
I said something about them on the “The Author´ page. 

You can find me here: (English)
and here (Spanish)


And I also have a website where you can find my latest articles, and my collection of satirical short stories ´Parallel Plandemics – short stories from The Annals of Parallel Earths´, and other writing of mine. 

The site´s

Still, the HanuHanu Gita is my foundational work. 
In the HanuHanu Gita – beneath all of its wonderful weirdness – there´s a philosophy and a path of self-knowledge and self-realisation. And all of my work, and everything I share – what to speak of my own daily life – is based on the HanuHanu Gita.

What, in a nutshell, is that philosophy and path?

1. That we are Part Of. That we are part of Everything. That we are part of Existence. But we don´t live in that awareness.
2. That we are INSIDE everything. We are not able to define it. We are part of a Great Mystery. Claims to Absolute Knowledge are vain and absurd. 
3. That we each live within our own, unique experience. Everyone´s perspective is subjective, not objective. And again – but we don´t recognise this, moment to moment, in our daily lives. And finally, 
4. That equality is not a theory, it´s a profound, beautiful, loving experience – and that, once again, for the most part, we miss out on it. 

So please do read the HanuHanu Gita…
If you´re not a big reader, there are quite a few ´stand alone´ short stories, like
– Chapter 6: Peace by T-Shirts (3 pages)
– Chapter 16: The Liberation of The Chickens (6 pages)
– Chapter 24: The Great City Dig-Up (4 pages)
– Chapter 31: Ecstatic Shock Therapy (9 pages)
– Chapter 32: The Trojan Banana Spa Resorts (6 pages)
– Chapter 38: The Giraffe Whisperers´ Fear (4 pages), and
– Chapter 41: The Courtship and Marriage of The Great Bolderdash and The Great Oak Mother (4 pages)
And, actually, quite a few more…

And, of course, each of HanuHanu´s Lectures can be read alone:
– Lecture 1: Human Superiority (chapter 7)
– Lecture 2: How To Become An Animal Again (chapter 12)
– Lecture 3: Not Knowing (chapter 21)
– Lecture 4: The Bliss of Belonging (chapter 27)
– Lecture 5: Not For What, nor Whether, nor How – but As Whom (chapter 37)

So, for now – 
enjoy the HanuHanu GIta!
If you´d like to read more of my writing visit my website. 
And if you´re interested in how I am helping people LIVE the HanuHanu Gita check out my Telegram Channels.

And if you´d like to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 
You can contact me via the contact form on this site, the markthemysticactivist site, or either of my Telegram Channels.

With love and respect,
Mark the Mystic Activist.


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