How to tell Green from Greeeeeen (1)

In an Age when Tyranny is Painting Itself Green

(Part 1 of 2)


We´d opted for a cosy evening of sofas with big cushions, nettle beer, pumpkin-flower crisps – and a selection of some of the week´s best Alternative Media Videos… It would be the now-usual emotional ride through horror, and hope-against-hope, we knew – but still, we liked to keep up-to-date…

And that was what we did: we cuddled up close through the scary videos on biodigital I.D. cards and bracelets and implants and pills; we cried on each other´s chests through the documentaries on the whole shameless, sickening, duplicitous, inter-governmental, private-public-partnership genocide, and coup-du-monde; we bounced up and down on the sofas, and cheered, at the videos of Retired Conjurers, Professors of Magic, White Witches and Escapologists explaining how Illusion is Done, and can Be Undone; and we sang-along to Songs of Freedom from our favourite Pied Pipers and Whistleblowers.

When I say ´we´, I mean Omar, Lotus, Kay, Mary, Taikán and Myself: the Staff of Auntie Val Publishing, the Crew of The Creativity, and, above all – a Siblinghood; a Soul Tribe, bonded redder than blood: bonded in The Great Mystery; Bonded in Grace…

At breakfast the next morning, when they asked me why I wasn´t tucking into my toast with my characteristic enthusiasm, I said “I keep remembering the submission in those videos. I feel ill thinking about it. I just want to scream “RIP OFF YOUR FUCKING MASKS, YOU FOOLS!” But perhaps” I then added, less judgmentally “that´s easy for me to say, floating up here in the Earth´s exosphere, aboard The Creativity – where we haven´t even got any masks…

“And that Great Reset video has left me feeling nauseous – and RAGING!” I screamed, “that the S.G.T.D.´s (Sociopathic Global Technocratic Dictatorship´s) latest self-promotional video is dripping fresh with Greenness – that the S.G.T.D. is now Painting Itself Green – is DISGUSTING!” I screamed, even louder… And then, somehow – my appetite for breakfast returned!

Taikán, who, among other things, is an Etymologist, explained that the Great Reset was not ´Green´, but ´Greeeeeen´. And as he said ´Greeeeeen´, he stretched his lips into the Perfect Political Smile. And we all began to laugh… yet stopped – as if, in that instant, our minds had seen; not only the macabre and surreal spectacle of Mass Murderers dressed in love – but also the terrible and tremendous consequences of the superb acting; the pouting script – and the evocative, appalling images of polar bears stranded on luxury cruise ships – anchorless, supplies getting low; and the evocative heart-tugging images of Humanity working Together, in photoshopped oneness, to bring them to Port – to a New Life, to a New Hope…

“Perhaps they could construct a 5G Smart Arctic for the Polar Bears” quipped Mary, her lips quivering with amusement at her own humour; sipping at her tea, looking straight ahead… It was a happy, breezy, seductive Spring day, aboard the Season Controlled Creativity – the kind of day when one could easily forget about the Swarms of Midges, and Battering Midday Heat, of the summer yet-to-come. Breakfast just went on and on… “Do you feel that people can tell Green from Greeeeeen?” Lotus asked. We all said we felt, most couldn´t.


Lotus speaks like silk in the wind. “When one Becomes Green, the Hulk one Becomes is not savage; but innocent, erotic and pure!” she said. We laughed. “When One Is Green the World is one´s Body, and one exists Throughout It! And One Loves this World, and One Loves Existing…” “Yes!” said Omar, lifting the pitch: “and I see That in you, Lotus; and in you Valery – and in all of us here! We can see it, when-it´s-there, In Others. And we can see – WHEN IT´S NOT!” Omar, who was probably approximately the same size as The Hulk, kicked back his breakfast chair, and paced the deck of the Creativity Lounge/Dining Room.

“There´s no mischief in their eyes! And there´s no kindness in their eyes!” Omar moaned, “how can anyone trust such eyes?! And does the tone of their voices call us close! No! On the contrary – we recoil! We feel “beware! These are Not Real Friends!” Don´t we? If they were Green – we´d just know it… They´d be more relaxed, and funny, and loving, and real.

Do they ´Feel the World is their Body´, like you say, Lotus?! Do they even agree-conceptually that the World is their Body?! You must be joking! These are People who have never enjoyed a shit in the forest! These are people who peel organic potatoes! These are people whose nervous systems are tortured, daily, by electric lighting – people who live-oblivious to the sun waving across the day sky, and to the sunflowers turning, smiling…

What did you say, Lotus? “Innocent, erotic and pure”? You must be joking! Their limbs are stiff as sticks! Erotic?! These are people who, year after year, never hear the Silence of the Trees; or feel themselves In Loving Equality with all creatures; or Let Go of Everything, and Give Thanks – even for a moment! These are people who apologise for burping and farting and yawning – people who never scratch their genitals in public, however itchy they get! Green?! Green?! How can anyone believe these people are Green? People! Beware! Don´t listen to their Green Words – SEE the Greeeeeen Mouths they´re coming out of!”

3 thoughts on “How to tell Green from Greeeeeen (1)”

    1. Kaypacha, my Darling! I am so-delighted your Soul is Stirred! As you may know (from the About Page), I was The Head Dinner Lady at the clifftop OmEgo Hardcore Cafeteria; the cafeteria of-one-of the World´s Largest Hardcore Meditation Hotels – for over forty years… So, as you can imagine, I know a Lot about Stirring! In fact, I can´t think of a single soup or stew I haven´t stirred! Well, except, perhaps, for Soul Soup.

      We did serve Chicken Soup for the Soul, for a while, at the OmEgo clifftop Hotel – but never Soul Soup Itself. And to be absolutely honest, I had to look up the recipie. But when I did – what a surprise! Originally, apparently, a Shamanic Dish reserved for only the Holiest of Siberian Nights – it is being used, to this day – to treat Smallpox, Toothache, and Cancer of the Heart; as-well-as to glue back fractured bones, snap civilisations out of suicidal hallucinations – and keep peoples´ tummies warm on chilly winter nights. It is also, interestingly, apparently, producing encouraging results as an Antidote to the Addiction to Authority.

      Kaypacha, Darling, you´ve got me imagining… Perhaps, like Soup Kitchens for the Homeless – we need Soul Soup Kitchens… We could open in the open-air, at night – so that people could Drink Deeply in peace, and notice the moon and stars again… They would be Holy Places – where people could dump their disinfectants and masks and bizarre ideas; listen to the Birds Sing “Don´t you Worry about a Thing”; be entertained by conjuring rabbits, by chickens laying eggs, and by ants tap-dancing like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – and perhaps, somehow, as they Sipped their Soup gratefully – remember what´s real again!

      Love you, Darling!
      We Are One!
      Auntie Val.

      1. Oh Auntie Val,
        You are such a treasure to behold! You’re words open up vistas within my heart to vast lands where the Sun is always setting and always rising, spreading beautiful rainbow colors through all the sheaths of peoples soul’s as they gaze upon the wonders of nature sipping their soul soup! Bless you (and yes, we are one!)!

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