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How to tell Green from Greeeeeen (1)

(In an Age when Tyranny is Painting Itself Green)
Part 1 of 2
We´d opted for a cosy evening of sofas with big cushions, nettle beer, pumpkin-flower crisps – and a selection of some of the week´s best Alternative Media Videos… It would be the now-usual emotional ride through horror, and hope-against-hope, we knew – but still, we liked to keep up-to-date…

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How to tell Green from Greeeeeen (2)

(In an Age when Tyranny is Painting Itself Green)
Part 2 of 2
As Omar´s pace slowed to a stroll, and Kay put the kettle on again, Taikán (Roshi Taikán, my twin), who studies consciousness with the precision of a statistician, said “well, it seems we all Share a Similar Feeeling – we all feel sickened by the S.G.T.D´s Green Spin. But is there any scientific evidence to substantiate our Seemingly Shared Feeling?

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Bayo Billy & The War on Connection

Captain Taikán remained engrossed in the Parallel Plandemics section of the Annals of Parallel Earths. “There´s so much we can learn from how Other Earths have fared, during their Plandemics..

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The Hobbit G7 Summit

We were taking a break, playing ´Plandemia´ – a board-game not unlike Monopoly – identical in mood, though perhaps more ambitious…”Gotcha!” said Lotus, firmly, as she placed a Bribe Card on the square of the World Health Organisation. It was a good move…

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Stop and Sob

Is A Proposal To Stop
And Make Space For Our Sorrow
For Five Minutes A Day, At Midday, Everyday,
Through The Summer Of 2021

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Sleeping Beauty and The Needle of Evil

Taikán was enchanted by The Annals of Parallel Earths; especially the Parallel Plandemics section – and read us story after story. I want to share this one with you, because I feel it is especially relevant – what with so many mega-demos coming up soon…

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After studying many Parallel Plandemics, on many Parallel Earths, I have come to feel that Lovepods are now called for Upon Our Earth: to unite those of us who feel called to resist – those of us who don´t want to be extras in a Dystopian Blockbuster; those of us who are already entertained enough – by the sky and the birds and the seasons of our own lives…

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The Cull of the Uninjected

The Transhumans would process ritually, once a year, out of their Smart Cities, into The Wilds where The Uninjected roamed: nomadic hunter-gatherers descended from the Humans who had refused to be injected, and nanochipped, and linked-in to a global A.I. supermind…

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The Sanity Toolkit (1)

Oh, yes! Didn´t you know?! They have their PsyOps, and we have ours!
As the PsyOps Teams of the Great Sociopathic Technocratic Reset bomb the Collective Human Psyche with the terror of the organic, of touching, of breathing, and of disobedience – here are some counter-psyops docs to help us stay sane…

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The Sanity Toolkit (2)

The Reset Resistance PsyOps Network´s Sanity Toolkit has been designed to keep us loving and lucid, in these dark and dodgy days, when the Collective Human Psyche is being shaken by insanity…

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The Sanity Toolkit (3)

To not be alarmed, right now, is alarming! It is a Sign of Sanity to be grief-stricken and outraged as Good Citizens are crippled or paralysed or die by injection; and the Mouths of Power talk nonsensical statistics – smiling benevolently, like they care…

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Build a New Civilisation? Who? Me and My Amigos? (Part 2 of 2)

We will need our own currency… (Pablo slipped his hand into his waistcoat pocket, and pulled out a piece of paper) “which, as good fortune would have it, I have already designed – our own Enmedio de la Nada currency – the Pablito! One Pablito equals One Peso!” And he held up a sketch of his face, with the words ´One Pablito´ written across his forehead.

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Never Say “Great Reset” Again!

After I finish this sentence, I will never again use the words ´great reset´! Even in that, my last and final use of the words – I refuse to give them Capital Letters! They are insidious and alive, and got inside my psyche! Never again! Oh – I shiver to think with just how much evil care, they must have been crafted by the PsyOps Propaganda Teams of the (sociopathic megalomania that cannot be named).

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A Love Story from A Smart City

….Maybe grew into womanhood – and although she was sterile, like everyone else, she became eligible to parent a lab baby of her own.

The offer came as an email, straight into her neo-cortex, via her nano-neurochip-implant – and Maybe replied instantly, just by thinking: “yes! yes! yes!”

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