5. Meet The Crew

Firstly, there´s Captain Roshi Taikán – my tubby-and-jolly identical twin brother. (Mum and Dad called him David.) Taikán´s the computer man, and convenes our meditation sessions. I love having him here. Our bond was stretched for thirty years, while he walked the Pathless Pilgrim´s Path. He went-away David, and came-back barefoot Taikán. I got him a job as a Teacher at the OmEgo Hardcore Meditation Hotel.   And that´s when we were rejoined.

When I was in my Reassemblage Phase – dancing about the OmEgo Clifftop Gardens in the Strawberry Moonlight, singing spontaneously about Blind Cupid, and HanuHanu, and Love and Belonging – many swore I was crazy… My dear Taikán said only “Sister, your Eyes are so Beautiful! And you Dance with the Grace of a Bird!” And I knew he was keeping an Eye on Me. Once he said “Sister, I feel your Joy! It is so Big! But do take-care of your Little Body – especially near the Cliffs”. (I love you – Identical Twin Bro!)


Next (in no particular order) is Captain Kay SeráSerá. Kay is the Pilot of The Creativity. She is also our Tarot Card reader, Tea Leaf diviner, and specialist in Extraterrestrial Languages. Kay´s Cabin is decorated with posters of airplanes. She is a Child of the Air. Kay is an excellent driver – having Piloted Rockets to Jupiter and Mars, raced go-karts, driven school buses, and sat on the backs of donkeys. She is also a Professor at the Bahaman University of Astral Travel – and it has been on-her-travels Of That Nature, that Kay has acquired her extensive fluency in extraterrestrial tongues.

Kay has bright white skin, and eyes like crystals. Wherever Kay goes, a cool breeze on a hot day, seems to go with her. Kay is refreshing. Kay is like a hearty Outbreath after a hearty Inbreath. If any of us need to lighten-up, we think of Kay! Kay is brilliant, happy, and sparkles with intuition. (Love you, Kay!)


Then there´s Captain Mary Poppins. Getting Mary was a bit of a scoop. Mary had been a Famous Actress, and (at the time I approached her) was making a bit of a comeback to the big screen. Nevertheless, as-soon-as she heard about Our Mission on behalf of the Giant Orange Monkeys and the HanuHanu Gita, she instantly summoned all of her Belongings into her Carpet Bag, popped open her Parrot Umbrella, and parachuted-upwards, up into The Creativity. “This is MY kind of a Mission!” she announced on arrival, surveying the spaceship for things-out-of-place, and dust.

Mary is our Flight Engineer, Plumber, Electrician, Bricklayer, Plasterer and Chimneysweep. She keeps our Spaceship shipshape: scrubbing, ironing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and playing ping pong – without ever getting up. And whatever she does, or doesn´t do – Mary´s always Smiling that Smile that lets you know, she´s Only Ever Acting. (I love you too, Miss Poppins – if it´s not too terribly bad-mannered to say so, in public, like this!)


Apart from Captain Me – whom you´ve met – that leaves Captain Lotus and Captain Omar. Lotus is Beauty Itself. Omar, you might say, is The Beast. If you´ve already read the HanuHanu Gita, you´ll have met Omar, and heard of his heroism… Let me quote Blind Cupid: “He was a Thunderous Giant – adorned with Turban, Super Sword, Eye Patch and Dreadlocks”. And again: (Omar was an) “Ex Captain of the Ethiopian Army – a Huge, Wild, Marauding, Berserker of a Man who claimed Direct Descendence from Bob Marley Himself, and insisted he could Shoot Straighter when Stoned”.  

Omar is Instinct. Omar is Courage. Omar is hilarious. Omar is a superb masseur: “What strength – from one to ten – where one is softest, and ten is strongest?” he always asks, politely. Nobody has asked for more than two. Thanks to him, the Whole Crew now know all the Lyrics to all of Bob Marley´s songs. (I love you too, Mr Omar Marley!)


Then finally (in no particular order) there´s Captain Lotus Patel. Lotus is an Indian Aristocrat – the idealistic daughter of the famously corrupt Maharaja and Maharani of Puranpuranpur. She is gorgeous,  and glamorous – and much desired. She has eyes shaped like almonds, lips as sweet as dates, and a tongue that tastes of curry…

Lotus remembers hundreds of past lives as a Temple Prostitute in South India – offering Humble Men her body, so that they might Experience Oneness. In fact she modelled for most of the sculptures of female bodies in sexual ecstasy, on the facades of South India´s tantric temples. Lotus is the Ship´s Officer for Loving Touch, and has established daily Touch Breaks. She also organises Spaceship Sports Days.

Interestingly, Lotus holds a Doctorate in Civilisation Design, and is the bestselling authoress of ´Touch Without Love is Porn: The Pornographic Culture´. Her fascinating, vivid recall of the simple, sacred life of a Temple Prostitute over thousands of years – of serving the Need for Union of Hunter Gatherers, Farmers, Feudal Lords, Capitalists and Communists, Autocrats and Anarcho-Sydicalists – enabled her to formulate her revolutionary sociological theory. This was first published academically, as ´The Correlation between Civilisational Health and Interpersonal Loving Touch´ – and then popularised in her bestseller ´The Pornographic Culture´. (Thanks for Everything, Lotus! You know I love you!)

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