3. Money

Hi again!

About money, and financial transparency…. 

All of my writing is available for free.

This includes
–   Sex, Spirit & Community – “Earth in Spirit, Spirit in Earth. May it be so for us, As it already is”
–   The Uprising of Man – A Proposal
–   The HanuHanu Gita – The Renowned Giant Orange Monkey´s United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Series
–   Parallel Plandemics – Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths
–   Love & Revolution – Creating Conscious Tribes

They´re all available for free download as .pdf files, and some as .mobi and .epub files too – on my website.

There´s also a paperback version of the HanuHanu Gita, available from this site – at cost of print, package and post.


I live off grid, and have minimal expenses. I offer support to people interested in The Conscious Tribes Project – and in The Practice of Conscious Relating it´s based upon. I offer Private Sessions, Online Courses and Workshops and ask for a voluntary contribution in exchange. You can find out more: here.


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