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All of my writing is available for free download as a .pdf, or in various ebook formats.
This includes
– The HanuHanu Gita
– Parallel Plandemics, and
– The Soul Tribes Booklet

The only item I ask any money for is the Paperback version of the HanuHanu Gita, but not in order ´to make a profit´ out of it – just to cover costs of printing, package and post.

Why don´t I ask any money for my writing (or for any of the courses I offer, or for the conference calls I host, or for the hours I spend answering enquiries on the Soul Tribes Channels on Telegram)?

I recently replied to this question in a post I entitled ´Wisdom Prostitutes´:

“As Rumi says “there is a field, out beyond right and wrong – I´ll meet you there!”

I´m not saying it´s wrong to sell books about our oneness, or our uniqueness; or to facilitate paid weekend workshops on opening our hearts to each other, and remembering – or even to charge money to invite people to see they´re already free. Everything has its place, I believe – otherwise it wouldn´t be there.

Yet I was part of the growth-work industry for a long time – and I don´t feel comfortable being part of it anymore. Therapists and clients, facilitators and group-participants, festival organisers and attendees, and so on and on… It is a subculture – a culture within the culture. And I stress: a culture WITHIN mainstream culture.

And, in my opinion, mainstream culture is sick, sick to the core. It is superficial and hard-hearted, at best. To be more direct: it is violent, disassociated, emotionally-illiterate, spiritually void, degraded and destructive…

And many of the wise have sold themselves to it. They have sold out. They have prostituted themselves. I should know – I advertised my wisdom for years; I promoted my courses, and counted the numbers as people signed up… Just as there are sex-workers – I was a spirit-worker, a spiritual-prostitute, a purveyor of therapeutic services…

I hold zero moral judgement for-or-against sex-workers or spirit-workers. I just want to talk straight: the sellers of healing services are service-providers WITHIN mainstream culture. They are part of the sickness: the healing part, the part that declares itself “anti-system”, as holding more elevated values than the mainstream, but which simultaneously, in actual fact, in practice, also perpetuates “the system” – like any other set of culture-insider service providers.

Do people mature spiritually and emotionally thanks to these wisdom prostitutes? Of course they do! So then? So then what? In my opinion, some of us have to take another step. While the growth-work, healing and self-development industry continues, perhaps, to introduce people to the depth and beauty of their innate being – some of us have to take another step – a step taken in the recognition that we no longer want to perpetuate the sickening, shameful, war-mongering, rat-racing, trivia-drenched mainstream culture. Some of us have to stop working within. Some of us need to find ways of working WITHOUT.

Some of us need to take the next step, and with gratitude for everything bought and sold in the self-awareness marketplace, step beyond the commodification of wisdom. Some of us need to find new ways to share our wisdom, and LIVE our wisdom together – ways that don´t simultaneously feed the sickness.

Otherwise there is little that is really ´alternative´ about what we´re doing. Our thoughts and words are alternative, perhaps even our emotions are alternative – but not our actions.

In my opinion, if we want to co-create alternative communities, and an alternative culture, then we have to explore alternative economies, and new modes of exchange.”

Well, I am exploring… Up until the now (September 2022) I´ve had some savings, but now they´re running out – so I´ve set up a Patreon account, and hopefully people will support me – so that I can continue offering this ´work´ for free.

You can visit my Patreon page here: 

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