3. Money

Hi again!

About money, and financial transparency…. 

All of my writing is available for free download as a .pdf, or in various ebook formats.
This includes
– “The HanuHanu Gita”
– “Parallel Plandemics”
–  Articles like “Love & Revolution” and “Conscious Relating, Conscious Societies”, and
– “The Soul Tribes Booklet”

The only item I ask any money for is the Paperback version of the HanuHanu Gita, but not in order ´to make a profit´ – just to cover costs of printing, package and post.


I live off grid, and have minimal expenses. Still – I need some money. So I ask for a voluntary contribution for all of the courses and private sessions I offer via the Conscious Tribes Project. That´s what keeps me going financially. 

And if people can´t afford to pay anything at all, that´s OK too. I don´t turn anyone away for financial reasons. 

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