3. Literary License

Blind Cupid´s amusement with Human Lawmaking rippled-out, beyond my cabin – through the Other Cabins, and the Cafeteria and Engine Room of The Creativity… And it rippled-into me! I found-myself laughing with-it – and I think the Whole Crew did too! It was such a Hot Loving Laugh! Oooh – I felt all-cuddled-up in it! I think We All were! And Our Beloved Creativity… I felt it was surfing the waves of Outer Space, like a Dolphin in Delight – splashing-and-spinning in an Ocean of Darkness, starlight spraying from its Solar Shields!

“Oh, Blind Cupid – there IS one-more-thing, about the HanuHanu Gita” I stammered, still-laughing – amused-now by my own efficiency! “Ah, ha…” It said, invitingly “Under what License do you want me to Publish?” I asked. “License?!” It asked-back, confused..

“Yes” I said, still speaking-upwards, at the Cabin Ceiling “you know… like whether Other Humans can copy and redistribute the book. “Oh! That would be very kind of them!” It observed – still mildly-perplexed… “And whether Other Humans can adapt, or rewrite, or transform, or develop the book” I said, beginning-to-feel this Licensing Business was perhaps more-suspicious than I´d suspected… “Oh! That would be very creative of them!” It said, beginning-now, I felt, to enjoy playing questions-and-answers…

“And what-about ´giving appropriate credit´? Do you feel it is essential the Kind and Creative credit-you, as the original source of the work?” I said, unsuspectingly: for no-sooner had-I-voiced this innocent enquiry, than Blind Cupid was hooting and howling in hysterics!

“Me?! Me?! Me ´the original source´?! How could I claim such-a-thing?! That sounds-like one of Gooj´s Stunts!1 She would declare a Work of Art ´hers´! But-only to mock the concept of ownership! No! The HanuHanu Gita was written-down by me, in Squid Ink, with my Pterodactyl Plume; typed-out on a Laptop; and saved-onto an External Hard-Drive but its Source is Fotogon Dawi, The Lineage of the Scribe, The Monkey Muse! In fact…” Blind Cupid reflected, “let-me-ask It, whether It feels it is essential, that It be-credited, as the original source of the HanuHanu Gita.”

And, I swear, Blind Cupid was absent for less-than-a-second – before it said “Fotogon Dawi´s here next-to-me – hooting and howling in hysterics!” And, of course, Blind Cupid joined-in! And then: so did I… And I think the Whole Crew did!

And then, and then… I heard Another Voice Speak. A Voice I had never-heard-before… It spoke in a Rough Cosmic Growl. It was the Voice of Fotogon Dawi – the timeless-placeless Monkey Muse. “Do you realise Who I Am?! I am Fotogon Dawi!” it declared, offended – “I am not Golum! The HanuHanu Gita is not My Precious!”

It crossed-my-mind that Tolkien and Fotogon Dawi probably knew Each Other well… “You insult me!” it growled, proudly “do you realise Who I Am?! I am The Monkey Muse! Do the Elementals License themselves? Does the Air keep all-rights-reserved on Breathing? And although Your Body is Mostly Water… Does the Water claim, therefore – Majority Ownership of You? Does the Fire legislate its Own Use – or does it leave THAT Up To You? Does the earth you walk-upon, and lie-down upon, charge you rent?”

“Human Being!” it snarled and snorted, “your Species might want Me to License Myself, but I am unlicensable!”

“But let me telI you a secret” it said, more-affectionately: “I am unlicensable because – just as Blind Cupid feels-me Moving Within it – I feel the Muse of Muses Moving Within me. And how – in this fractal universe – could there not be A Muse of the Muse of Muses, and so on, ad infinitum? Eh? So License THAT!”

I wasn´t sure if I´d been chastised, personally – or whether this was a Telling Off for the Human Species, and its copyrighting services. Blind Cupid, as empathic-as-ever, said softly “it´s OK, Valery. You can relax. Fotogon has gone. I just thought it might be informative-for-you to hear-it-straight from the Monkey Muse´s Mouth.”
“Well, I think that covers everything” I muttered, unsure. “I´ll be back soon” Blind Cupid whispered, seductively – and kissed-me, invisibly, on the nape of my Naked Neck.

  1. Gooj is the HanuHanu Tribe Buffoon.
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