2. Publisher's Disclaimer

I was advised ´for legal reasons´, to add a Disclaimer to the HanuHanu Gita – so, one-evening, in my Cabin aboard The Creativity; I polished my wand, lit my candles and incense – and spoke-upwards, towards the heavy-metal ceiling… holding Blind Cupid in my mind´s-eye – and asked it what-to-do…

It came-to-me, once-again… This-time I couldn´t see It. I could feel It – there, with-me, though – its Distinctive Eroticising Presence!

“A disclaimer?!” it asked-back, confused… “Yes” I said, “you know… something like ´any resemblance to Factual Characters in this Work of Fiction, are purely coincidental´. “Oooh!” it said, smiling-cheekily, “I see! How interesting! They want you to present the HanuHanu Gita as Fiction! To deny the Epic Events it describes ever took-place! To give False Witness – and claim the Humans who were-there, weren´t Who they Were!” Blind Cupid shook its invisible head, and tuttered. The Complexity of Human Superficiality astonished-it, it seemed.

“Valery” it then-said, boldly, “let-us not be-afraid! Let-us Tell the Truth! Let-us let-them Know: the Characters in the HanuHanu Gita are No More Fictional than the Characters they dress-as, and speak-as, all day every day!”

“Valery” it added, “Remind them that it is precisely-because We Can All sometimes Factualise our Fictions – that, throughout-history, and to-this-day: the Most Noble of Presidents of Galactic Federations, Supreme Starfleet Commanders, and Empresses of Vast Stellar Realms – all Honour, and all let themselves be-boffed-about a bit, by The Buffoon!”

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