2. Other ´Work ´

he HanuHanu Gita is the deepest level of my ´work´.

In its own, idiosyncratic way The HanuHanu Gita outlines my vision of reality, and my approach to reality. It presents my critique of our contemporary disassociation from reality. And it proposes a path of re-association.


I present the next layer of my ´work´ on my Mark the Mystic Activist Website. Here you can find, for example, my collection of short stories ´Parallel Plandemics – Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths´. This is the wisdom of the HanuHanu Gita applied not just to ´modernity´, but directly to the mad dreams of those current world leaders-and-led who, in the name of all-things-green, want to herd a reduced humanity into Smart Cities to live and die in a synthetic, sterilised, A.I.-surveilled panopticon. If The HanuHanu Gita is existential comedy this is social satire. (Parallel Plandemics is available for free download in both English and Spanish.)


And then there is a third, final layer to my ´work´- The Conscious Tribes Project. Parallel Plandemics already hints at the need to unite, to form ´tribes´, to co-create local community – but the Conscious Tribes Project gets very practical about it. 

To find out more go to my blog post “What´s the Conscious Tribes Project All About?”: here
You can also visit the Conscious Tribes Telegram Channels: Conscious Tribes and Tribus Conscientes.  



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