2. Other ´Work ´

he HanuHanu Gita and HanuHanu.org is the deepest level of my ´work´ – not the most important or valid, but the deepest. 

(I put the word ´work´ in inverted commas because I don´t feel anything I do is work, in the nine-to-five sense of the word. I don´t feel it is something I do in order to make money, in order be able to pay my way. All of the writing and group facilitation and support work I do, I do because it´s what I want to do with my life – and somehow the money side of things always works out…)

In its own, idiosyncratic way The HanuHanu Gita outlines my vision of reality, and my approach to reality. It presents my critique of our contemporary disassociation from reality. And it proposes a path of re-association.


I present the next layer of my ´work´ on my Mark the Mystic Activist Website. Here you can find, for example, my latest collection of short stories ´Parallel Plandemics – Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths´. This is the wisdom of the HanuHanu Gita applied not just to ´modernity´, but directly to the mad dreams of those current world leaders-and-led who, in the name of all-things-green, want to herd a reduced humanity into Smart Cities to live and die in a synthetic, sterilised, AI-surveilled panopticon. 

If The HanuHanu Gita is existential commentary, this is social satire.  
The web address is: www.markthemysticactivist.com
(Parallel Plandemics is available for free download in both English and Spanish.)


I share the third and final layer of my ´work´ in my ´Soul Tribes´ and ´Tribus del Alma´ Telegram Channels. Parallel Plandemics already hints at the need to unite, to form ´tribes´, to co-create local community – but these Telegram Channels get very practical about it. 

Here´s an extract from The Welcome Message on the Soul Tribes Channel:
“At the moment we can offer you:
* The Soul Tribes Booklet which is full of practical recommendations for setting up and maintaining your own local tribe.
* A Notice Board to help connect with others in your area.
* Free Online Courses to support you in understanding and appreciating the Soul Tribes vision, and setting up your own Soul Tribe. You can also request a free online course especially for people in your local area.
* Free monthly Livestreams (Video-Conference Calls) to talk about all this, and hopefully – come away inspired! 
* One-to-one support while gathering a Soul Tribe in your local area (including – if you´re in Europe – free facilitation of a Soul Tribes Introductory Weekend Workshop in your local area. Yes, we´ll come to you!)
* This channel/chat itself, where we can be in touch. 
* All of the above in Spanish.” 

You can visit/join the English Channel here: t.me/soultribes
You can visit/join the Spanish Channel here: t.me/tribusdelalma

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