HanuHanu.org was Launched on 5th May 2021


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We are living in terrifying times. The Mass of Humanity has been convinced to enlist as masked members of an Ignoble Global Ninja Needle Cult – a cult set on genetically modifying everything – people, dogs, spiders, rhododendrons, tadpoles, telescopes, lampposts, shoes… everything!

As tadpoles grow third eyes, lampposts begin to talk, and shoes begin to walk – it is easy to become disheartened… Things are changing so fast! And the masked Ninja Needle Cultists – though sworn to silence, or, at most, muffled mumbling – are loud in their condemnation of those who would resist the Great Vision of a Genetically Modified Earth.

Well, if you are one of those understandably-disheartened Humans Who Would Resist – and have been searching the internet for even just a quick kiss of Giant Orange Monkey Wisdom – you´ve come to the right place!

Here, at HanuHanu.org, you can:


where I, Auntie Val - guided by Blind Cupid   (the Scribe of the HanuHanu Gita), and HanuHanu Himself - will do my very best to kiss your unmasked lips, and heavy shoulders, and upturned palms... with the Giant Orange Monkeys´ heartbreakingly Simple Love.

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