HanuHanu Speaks In Association With The Presents (The HanuHanu Gita) The Renowned
Giant Orange Monkey's
Lecture Series
HanuHanu Speaks (The HanuHanu Gita)



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For ideological Reasons of the Heart, The HanuHanu Gita is not available on Amazon.

Nor is the HanuHanu Gita available through Mainstream Outlets that require an I.S.B.N. (International Standard Book Number). This is because when I, Mark, asked Blind Cupid whether the HanuHanu Gita needed an I.S.B.N., he mulled over the words ´standard´ and ´number´ – and replied with Ancient Anecdotes…

Anecdotes of an autistic Giant Orange Monkey Savant who would line-up autumn leaves in straight lines, count raindrops, and – in an age when Giant Orange Monkey Facial Expressions had, he felt, become muscularly lazy to the point of illegibility – Campaigned for the Standardisation of Smiling…

I didn´t press the point… I got what he meant – that he didn´t want to buy or sell, or number or categorise, the beauty and humour and wisdom and sacredness of the HanuHanu Gita. And nor do I. 

Book Description

HanuHanu is a five-metre-tall Giant Orange Monkey. He speaks seventy-five languages and dialects, and holds honorary-professorships at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, M.I.T., and sixteen other of the world´s most prestigious universities.

His historical United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Series “Wakey, Wakey. Little Cousins!” was intended as a Great Sacred Giant Orange Monkey gift of obviousness – to us, to Humanity.

And yet – the HanuHanu Lectures split us. For some-of-us, HanuHanu´s Lectures were a Song of Belonging, a Serenade, the Trumpet of Home; for others-of-us his words provoked fears of the Toppling of Buildings, and Civilisations, and Eras – until eventually, as Blind Cupid so splendidly narrates – some-of-us and others-of-us met – at ´Armageddon, The Finals!´.

Blind Cupid – himself: half Giant Orange Monkey, half God of Erotic Love – tells the Story of the Times of the HanuHanu Lecture Series (and many a story within a story), with absolute irreverence, absolute devotion, and absolute delight.

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