HanuHanu Speaks In Association With The Presents (The HanuHanu Gita) The Renowned
Giant Orange Monkey's
Lecture Series



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Book Description

HanuHanu is a five-metre-tall Giant Orange Monkey. He speaks seventy-five languages and dialects, and holds honorary-professorships at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, M.I.T., and sixteen other of the world´s most prestigious universities.

His historical United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Series “Wakey, Wakey. Little Cousins!” was intended as a Great Sacred Giant Orange Monkey gift of obviousness – to us, to Humanity.

And yet – the HanuHanu Lectures split us. For some-of-us, HanuHanu´s Lectures were a Song of Belonging, a Serenade, the Trumpet of Home; for others-of-us his words provoked fears of the Toppling of Buildings, and Civilisations, and Eras – until eventually, as Blind Cupid so splendidly narrates – some-of-us and others-of-us met – at ´Armageddon, The Finals!´.

Blind Cupid – himself: half Giant Orange Monkey, half God of Erotic Love – tells the Story of the Times of the HanuHanu Lecture Series (and many a story within a story), with absolute irreverence, absolute devotion, and absolute delight.

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